Thursday, February 14, 2013

Big Server Move Reason #3: Big Cooling

This is part of a blog series on why moved to a new datacenter.

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Reason #3: Big Cooling

The by-product of consumed electricity is heat -- lots of it.  We felt we had outgrown our previous location since our cabinet temperatures were very high, even if the cabinets themselves still had vacancies.  In the last six months, we replaced no less than eight failed hard drives, all in relatively young servers.  Not an efficient use of our time.

The new facility has cabinets that are not only deeper, but also equipped with large chimneys which are ducted into the facility's air return (the ceiling).  Hot exhaust air is literally sucked out of our cabinets, drawing cool air from the perforated floor tiles in front.  Wayne's blog post has some neat pictures.

The result is a set of hot chimneys, cool servers and remarkably uniform temperatures inside the cabinets. 

Next up: Reason #4: Big Savings


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