Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Server Move Reason #1: Bigger Pipe

As you may know, last weekend we moved all our servers into a new Data Centre.  Since any move is disruptive, I thought I'd start a short series to outline the reasons why we did what we did.

Although I'm numbering the reasons, in reality they are in no particular order.

Reason #1: Bigger Pipe

The new facility was offering us more bandwidth -- 60 Mbps more.  From 140Mbps to today's 200Mbps, the jump is substantial.

We monitor our download throughput from a server at the OSU OSL, in Portland, Oregon.  In the picture below, it's clear that this week, even at the busiest of times our download speed has improved.  You can also see the flatline above Week 06, where our download speed went to absolute zero while we moved.

On the yearly graph, you can see how download performance has improved since last year.  In August, we lost the OSU OSL server, so monitoring flatlined while it was brought back into service.

Next up: Reason #2: Big Power


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